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Sex therapy

Psycho-sexual therapy recognises the impact that sexual difficulties can have on an individual and their intimate relationships. The therapists are highly trained and will quickly put the client at ease providing a safe, confidential space to give the client the freedom to talk openly about often very sensitive matters. We can help where people are having problems due to physical or emotional reasons. Our sex therapists see lots of different people with sexual difficulties such as loss of desire, different sex drives, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, problems getting aroused or having an orgasm, problems keeping an erection, vaginismus or just stuck in the same routine.

The first appointment is a 50 minute assessment with our fully qualified sex therapist, who will be able to advise if Relate can help. It is then up to the client(s) to decide if they want to commit to further sessions on a regular basis. These sessions are usually weekly for 50 minutes and the counselling continues for as long as the client(s) feel is it helpful. 

We offer face-to-face, webcam or telephone counselling.

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