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National Contracts

Relate holds contracts with the following charities and benevolent associations.  If eligible, clients can receive sessions of relationship counselling or psychosexual therapy, completely free of charge. 

Click the links below to access further information.

Credit Card

Bank Workers Charity
Relationship Counselling or Sex Therapy

Do you work, or have you previously worked for a UK Bank? 


To check if you are eligible for the funded sessions please visit


Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association
Counselling or Sex Therapy

Are you a past or present member of ICAEW?  To find out if you are eligible for funded sessions please go to for more information


Licensed Trade Charity

Support for anyone involved in the production, selling, transporting and serving of alcohol, including backroom staff, cleaners, chefs etc.  This applies to existing or former staff but does not cover hotel staff.  For further details please contact the free 24/7 LTC helpline on 0808 801 0550

Sailing on Sea

Seafarers UK
Counselling or Sex Therapy

For employees of vessels operating for any commercial purpose to ferry supplies/people or for dredging, port operations and offshore wind farm support. Sea cadets, the UK's commercial fishing fleet, oil/gas filled tankers or large container ships, cruise ships, passenger ferries and commercial yachts.  This applies to everybody who works on these vessels whether they be hairdressers, entertainers, catering staff or employed in other parts of the onboard hospitality.  To find out more go to

Brain Tumour Charity.jpg

Brain Tumour Charity

Sessions for people with a brain tumour and/or their partner or ex-partner. 


For further information please call

0808 800 0004


Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity
Counselling or Sex Therapy

Funded sessions for Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel, veterans, reservists and their partners.

Clients must call the dedicated number with their service number

01302 380 279

Aspiring Pilot

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

For serving RAF personnel, veterans, reservists, and their partners.

The serving member, veteran or reservist does not need to be part of the counselling sessions.

Clients must contact Relate National's dedicated number for further information

01302 347 476

Favicon_96x96 (1).png

Relate Jersey

Clients must make contact with the relevant charity directly, this is not something that Relate centre can do.

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